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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Difficulty controlling emotion/being triggered with BPD

I would be really interested to know how others with BPD deal with being suddenly "triggered"... I can be ok one minute and the next I am dissociated and have no control.

I can go into rage or be a blubbering mess or just run away and withdraw. If it is "flight" rather than "fight" , I can withdraw for days at a time.

Just as a note as I am new here... I have a fantastic psychologist who does CBT and DBT and I have done DBT as an outpatient through a private hospital so I do have skills I use including lots of meditation and mindfulness... However when an episode occurs I am as far from mindful as possible and end up doing or saying things I regret. 

@outlander thank you I am tagging you here as I'm hopeful you and others you know here can help. 


Re: Difficulty controlling emotion/being triggered with BPD

hi @Battlemouse71
its great youve worked out how to do a thread for yourself, its also good to hear that you have a great psychologist and already done DBT.

Like you i can be triggerred and my emotions can be pretty unpredicable or change very quickly from overwhelmed to depressed or withdrawn. Have you heard of 'STOP' before? its very basic where you say to yourself 'stop' to give yourself som distance between your emotions and your reactions. maybe this would be helpful?

@BlueBay and @Sans911 are 2 lovely people who also have BPD and may be able to offer some more advice on how to manage your bpd too.

Re: Difficulty controlling emotion/being triggered with BPD

Hi @Battlemouse71  

yes I have BPD and diagnosed about 10 years ago. 

Emotions - this is one of the hardest things for me to control. Like you one minute I’m ok and the next a raging angry person. 

Its great you’ve done DBT. That’s meant to help regulate emotions. 

Currently I’m not coping emotionally. I get very easily triggered and need to work on this. 

Im happy to chat more. Just tag me. 

Nice to meet you 😊

thanks @outlander  for the tag xx

Re: Difficulty controlling emotion/being triggered with BPD

Thank you @BlueBay.

Good to meet you too. I was about to write that it is good to know I'm not the only one who has rages. Good isn't the right word of course... my rages affect my relationship with my partner so badly. She is still around though after 15 years, so I know I am extremely lucky. 

I unfortunately try to control my emotions with tobacco and alcohol. I don't drink every day any more... Usually after an episode. I have so much shame after behaving so badly around and toward someone I care about.

I have been in a similar place to you lately in that I am back to having difficulty controlling my emotions. I can be happy and sad and then angry within the space of half an hour.

Im sorry to hear you have been having problems with it as well. 

Why is it I can act like everything is OK with people who don't know me that well, but I can be so awful to those close to me?

Again, thank you for replying to my thread. Feel free to tag me any time. 

Re: Difficulty controlling emotion/being triggered with BPD

Thank you @outlander. I haven't heard of 'STOP'. That might something I can work on in the moment before I lose self control. Thank you also for the tag of the other 2 users. Much appreciate it. 

Re: Difficulty controlling emotion/being triggered with BPD

Yeah these outrage of emotions cause issues between me and hubby @Battlemouse71   And I’ve been married for 33 yrs. 

it annoys and frustrates me so much that I’m like this. 

Its always the ones closer to us that get hurt. 

Are you seeing a psychologist?


Re: Difficulty controlling emotion/being triggered with BPD

Yep I'm with a really good psychologist. She is very casual but still professional if you know what I mean, and that makes me feel very comfortable 

Re: Difficulty controlling emotion/being triggered with BPD

your welcome @Battlemouse71 i actually think it was @Sans911 who taught me that as well.

im another gets annoyed and frustrated at my emotions and the way i react sometimes. all a work in progress though

Re: Difficulty controlling emotion/being triggered with BPD

It sounds like you do have a great psychologist @Battlemouse71, have you been able to talk about how you feel far removed from mindfulness and how you cope when having an episode? Your partner sounds like great support. Heart  

Re: Difficulty controlling emotion/being triggered with BPD

hello also @BlueBay @Ali11

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