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New Contributor

issues with my 15 yr old daughter i think depression need help.

Hi there i am new to this site, i have a almost 15 year old daughter who i believe is suffering from depression , some symptoms include, lose of appetite , wanting to sit in her bedroom alone 247 away from the rest of the household, angry outbursts, other times looking pale, flat, and just in tears and saying she feels down , needing to be told to self care, shower etc, i have taken her too a local mental health centre where she has been seeing a lady for the last 8 months, too me it is not helping my child thinks the same its just pretty much talking about her feelings, well it helps for 5 minutes then wen we are back home its the same cycle, she has also seen a phycistrist at this centre only once though and he seems to think she has some type of seperation anxiety being away from her father and i ( she is always with us and has Never been babysat over night by in her 15 yrs of life by family or friends. i have pulled her out of high school since april last year as she was being bullied and the school kept letting it go and i was sick of seeing her upset crying and not wanting to go to school i was goin up the school like a raging bull trying to get it to be stopped so my only option was to pull her out of a unhealthy environment and push for home schooling via dubbo distant education it took a few months but i got her accepted she has been doing the school work here and there not as muvh as she should be due to being overwhlemed, i must add my daughter suffers from a moderate intellectual disability and she has trouble managing or exspressing her emotions it makes it hard i hate seeing my daughter sad and not being able to help i have asked for medication or something like a mood stabliser but all you get from the doctors around here its a attention seeking thing or her angry outbursts are her being a rebelious teenager witch is a crook of bs my child is the nicest caring kid there is and shes not feeling like this for no reason , she dosnt have alot of friends, i try and get her out of the house to do activities but she gets over them and wants to go back to her room so i just agree , my daughter is in a stable environment her father and i have been together 16 yrs, she is the only child, we do not drink, iphyscically fight or use illicit drugs, she gets the best of everything and never goes without i dont understand where all these feelings are coming from but it breaks my heart as a mother to see her down and crying, she has also come too the point where she was trying to self harm ( yes this has been shared with the local mental health team at the center where i take her, wasnt too concerned about it again it was apprently the form of attention seeking, it was only scratches, no loss of blood etc but still not the bloody point, she also got passed along too another organisation witch give her some kind of support worker that takes her out once a week for an hour , thats if she dosnt cancel but an hour a day is not good enough i dont think this support worker dosnt even touch base and check on her throughout the week so im seriously thinking about canning that .. i took her to the doctor yesterday and expressed my converns again for the 10th time and told them i know my daughter it isnt attention seeking shes actually feeling these emotions its not forced or faked, the doctor agreed to do a full mental health assesemment next week and for her to skye with another doctor to work out a plan and cause of ation for her heres to hoping, just looking for other people going through somothing similair as its hard feeling alone and having no one to talk too . the doctors told me when im feeling a certain way drink a glass f water or go for a walka round the block what a crock of bs...


Re: issues with my 15 yr old daughter i think depression need help.

@xchantellex  Hi chantellex and welcome to the forums. My one daughter's chronic depression started when she was around 15 and has now settled down at age 24 with the right medication and psychiatrist. Is your daughter on medication? There are many good anti depressents these days which really help. Along with that would you try another school with your daughter? Getting your daughter out of the house and meeting other kids her age will help immensely. I think. 


15 is a dreadful age I regember it well myself .... it sounds like you are doing everything right by your child. Maybe also shopping around for another doctor for her might be the go if you are not totally satisfied with the one she is currently using. I hope this helps. take care. greenpeax


Re: issues with my 15 yr old daughter i think depression need help.

Hey there @xchantellex I am really sorry to hear about the struggle of watching your Daughter in so much pain. It sounds like she's feeling a lot of heaviness and you're at a bit of a loss. You're not alone and certainly there is support available to both you and her. Sometimes with the mental health recovery journey it's about finding the right fit, the right modality of therapy or support that works for her. Feel free to give our help centre a call, they may have some ideas and strategies for you in terms of new realms of support, the number is 1800 18 7263. I am unsure if your Daughter uses forums at all but ReachOut is also a really good resource for her age group, a lot of people on there about her age who are supporting each other with their mental health.


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