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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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My partner, aged 66, has been diagnosed with a delusional disorder.  Not sure when it started, but may have been seven years ago or earlier.

She was in a Community Mental Health Program which in my view did not provide satisfactory treatment.

She does not realize she is mentally ill.  Now taking medication for the delusional disorder (diagnosed by several psychiatrists) but how can I persuade her to have further treatment as she probably needs therapy to have any chance of getting better?

Currently, she is not being treated by a psychiatrist.

Since her delusions centre on some religious issues, it may be best if she consults with someone from our own religion?  I share her religious belief.  There does not seem to be a psychiatrist available from our Faith for several reasons, but I may be able to find a clinical psychologist.  Her GP can manage the medication.

Why is so little know about delusional disorders?


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