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  • Author : greenpea
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
Senior Contributor

@Patrick  Hi Patrick and welcome to the forums and Hi @Darcy  how are you going Smiley Happy? this is an interesting topic religious delusions. Patrick I have schizoaffective disorder originally diagnosed as bipolar 1 and some of my delusions are religious. It concerns a totally different religoin from one that I was brought up in .... it is very weird to say the least. These delusions have calmed down alot since I have been on medications and seeing a psychiatrist (who btw is not that religion concerned ... which I think is a good thing for me anyway).


Personally I don't thnk having a psychiatrist of the same religion is a necessity. What is a necessity is finding a great, compatible psychiatrist. These can be hard to find. I hope this helps a bit. I wish you and your partner luck. greenpea

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