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  • Author : Crazy_Bug_Lady
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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
Senior Contributor

Hi Guys,

My psychologist came up with an awesome idea to help me when I'm feeling urges to SH or suicidal or if I'm having a hard time coping.

It's called a Coping Box. You get a box and put things in that are helpful to you. So I have a good book, a disney movie, pictures of my pets and animals. It's also got some puzzles, a stuffed toy and a video game.

So @NikNik and I thought it'd be good to make one here for members. We can put in photos and quotes and all sorts of good things to help remind what we are fighting for.

I'm gonna put in some caramello koalas, and my favourite fuzzy blanket so you can wrap yourself up at feel cozy and safe.

I will also throw in a 'hug'. So if you ever need a hug, come over here and I'll be waiting and ready with a hug and ready to listen.

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